Metairie is a CDP (census-designated place) in Jefferson Parish, in the state of Louisiana, U.S. It’s a larger part of the Greater New Orleans Region (New Orleans Metropolitan Area). It is the fifth-largest census-designated place in the U.S. and the biggest community in Jefferson Parish. The zip codes that are serving the community are from 70001 to 70006. It’s an unincorporated region that would be the fourth-largest city in Louisiana if it could have been incorporated. The large 17th Street Canal is forming the border between the city of Metairie and NOLA to the east.

Sports and Recreation

Metairie, LA is home to the baseball team known as New Orleans Baby Cakes (originally the Zephyrs). This minor league club used to play its home matches at Privateer Park, which, from the year 1992 through 1996, is home to the UNO’s (University of New Orleans) National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) baseball team. Since 1997, they have been playing their games at the 10,000-seat baseball park called Shrine on Airline. They are also a member of the Triple-A (baseball)’s PCL (Pacific Coast League).

Jefferson Parish has built numerous parks in Metairie. Most of these play parks have been organizing sports leagues like basketball, baseball, and football. Also, some of them have programs, like low-cost piano lessons.


In Metairie, LA 56.87 percent of its residents identify themselves with a particular religion. There is 0.02 percent of an Eastern faith, 0.61 percent are Jewish, 0.64 percent are Muslim, 0.97 percent of another Christian Faith, 0.39 percent Latter Day Saints, 12.77 percent Protestants, and 41.47% are Roman Catholics.

Metairie is home to a Reform synagogue called Congregation Gates of Prayer, and besides, it’s Congregation Beth Israel, founded in the year 1903 or 1904, making it New Orleans’ oldest Orthodox congregation. Beth Israel built its new building in 2012, in the city of Metairie; some years after Beth Israel’s building in Lakeview, Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans. Metairie, LA is home to thirteen Catholic parishes plus schools. The Catholic churches of Metairie are a section of Archdiocese of New Orleans.