The activities of most of the paranormal can interest lots of people, and scare others, or both at the same time. If you are looking for a feeling for your next trip, you might consider doing a ghost tour, or living in a haunted hotel, or eating in the scary restaurant. No matter where you decide to travel, the appearance and voice without a body can wait for you. If you want to experience the unknown, you can visit one or all of the haunted destination in the United States.

The first, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is generally considered the most frequented place in America. Gettysburg was the homeland of the hardest battles during the Civil war in which more than 10 000 soldiers were killed in July 1863. The Battle of Gettysburg was the turning point of the civil war, but it seems more than just memories of it. People who visit Gettysburg, or leave the demons of the lair where hundreds of people have lost their lives, have reported sightings of street soldiers, gunfire, gunfire, people who speak or shout. Some people who have observed this case initially thought that everything can be explained by the Civil War recreation, but they find that none of the people on the ground.

Another widely known ghost story comes from the south of San Antonio, Texas. As the story goes, in 1930 or 1940, a school bus crossed the railroad line, but stagnated and hit a train in the opposite direction. 10 children died and the bus driver too. It is said that you can drive to this place and stopped about 30 or 40 meters from the line and will be driven past the railroad line. In addition, the people who have tested this have put a light powder, such as talc powder or baby powder, on their back bumper and after “FED” over the rails, small finger and hand prints can be seen at the rear bumper. Many of those who tried to say this happened, but others believe there is a way to describe both this event. It is said that fingerprints could be explained by a powder reacting to an existing mold, because that’s how the police take fingerprints. As for the moving car on the rails, there is a very slight slope when approaching the trajectory. People who have once again believed in something paranormal exist the failure of cars and electronics that cannot be explained in any other way. Maybe you should go to San Antonio, Texas, and find out for yourself.

For the Sloss furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama is also widely regarded as haunted. For Sloss It was completed in 1881, around 1920, 500 people employed in the furnace and produced 400 tonnes of steel per day. One of the regular guys who works there to fall into one of the ovens and die instantly, and they’re supposed to still be running in the field. Many people who have seen many observations, heard a sound like a rattling chain or a scraping shovel. Some of them are now working in the oven because now the history museum has this experience. Many of those who have experience this do not want to return, at least not in their own head again.

These are just three dens in America, much more. You can travel to any place in the world and you could find the haunted place. I just hope that if you find anything out of the paranormal that is hospitable to you, I think the travel insurance company does not have a policy of “paranormal” claims. More on Birmingham, AL.