So, you have decided that you want to move to Birmingham, Alabama? Or you’re in the process of choosing where to live, and this place is on top of your priority list? Whichever would be the case, it would be worthy that you care enough to research and find out more about the place as you proceed through Birmingham homes for sale and Birmingham real estate listings.

Birmingham is located in the County of Jefferson from the state of Alabama, United States; it’s the largest city in Alabama. With a population of 212, 237 based on the 2010 US Census in Birmingham and the estimate of 1, 212, 848 inhabitants from the Birmingham Metropolitan Area based on the US Census of 2009, it essentially shows the city has the right to be considered as the biggest city in the state. You may ask, why an increasing number of individuals and their families consider Birmingham as one of the best places to live in the country? Here are some of the reasons why:

* Plenty of Employment Opportunities

From Its foundation in 1871, through the unification of 3 cities that are present, Birmingham is a powerhouse of the railroad and industrial transport. The huge selection of industries like iron mining and steel industry and rail related businesses provide a multitude of employment opportunities for people who have homes in Birmingham and thinking about moving to this place that is terrific and interesting.

* High-Quality Education Systems

The Area is regarded as home to some of the state’s best high schools, colleges, and universities. The Jefferson County International Baccalaureate School, which is situated in one of Birmingham’s suburbs, was rated as the “No. 1 High School in America” by NewsWeek. Other schools in the Region include:

i) Mountain Brook High School, a high school and high school, located within one of the places where most Birmingham houses are located, Mountain Brook.

ii) Homewood High School, a public high school serving the suburb of Alabama, Homewood.

iii) Vestavia Hills High School, a public high school known for getting math, debate, Economics, American football, baseball, and wrestling teams.

Being Home to different school systems and many high schools which are well-known for supplying outstanding and excellent education, you are positive that your kids would gain high-quality academic and extracurricular learning and comprehension as soon as you decide to invest in Birmingham homes for sale and settle to reside there.

* Ease of Transportation Access

The Place has one of the most extensive networks of roadways and highways in the Southeast. It’s served by 4 Interstate Highways namely Interstates 20, 65, 59 and 22. This ensures easy access and travel to various areas of the place. If you have your own house in Birmingham or you will visit a friend in his Birmingham home, traveling to, from and about the place would be made by these different passageways.

* Low Crime Rate

The downtown area is relatively crime-free. It is patrolled by City Action Partnership, a company That was formed in 1995 to increase the acuity for safety. If You’re currently searching for a house where to raise your family, for This would create Birmingham homes for sale worthy to land in your Priority list of selections when looking for a home.